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start small, start now - money coaching & education
Financial Foundations has been created in mind for singles, couples and families wanting to create a brighter future with confidence. It is the perfect solution between D.I.Y and 1-to-1 personal advice.

FINANCIAL FOUNDATIONS is our online personal money course for those wanting to create a brighter future with confidence. This hands-on course will help you make positive changes to your relationship with money. You’ll learn how to identify what’s most important to you, the life you want to live, manage your money to strike the balance between fun and future and improve your financial literacy in order to lay down your financial foundations!


Upon finishing this course, you will no longer have the chains of your money worries holding you back.


You should feel a newfound motivation for your personal and financial goals, experience reduced money stress and have more confidence, clarity and control over your financial life!

What you will achieve

Enrolment allows you 6 months to work through the modules at your own pace.


The course and its downloads and homework items have been designed to be completed in just a few months, however, we have allowed for 6 months because we know that sometimes in life there are speed bumps along the way!




Goals 2

 Module 1 

Goal Setting

& Core Values

Discover the importance of defining your core values and why goal setting should be at the centre of your long-term planning and wealth journey.

Budgeting 2

 Module 2 


We dispel the myth that all budgets are evil and cover off our approach to budgeting, teach you how to setup your own budget and how to connect your goals and values to your personal budget.

Money management 2

 Module 3 



Sink your teeth into the practical components of money management, why good budgets fail and our money system that helps you reach your savings targets easier.

Personal insurance 2

 Module 4 



Learn the why, what and how’s of personal insurance planning and how to protect your family, income and lifestyle when things don’t quite go to plan.

Planning for the future 2

 Module 5 

Investing for

the Future

A broad educational overview of the purpose and benefit of long-term investing. We dive into your options when it comes to getting started, no matter how big or small.

Superannuation 2

 Module 6 


A brief insight into the power of superannuation, misconceptions and some broadly available super strategies for 20s 30s and families.

Course summary 2

 Module 7 



We wrap up the key takeaways of the Financial Foundations course, along with suggested next steps.

Len & Josline
‘It made us more aware of what we were aiming for as a family and opened up our eyes to what we each valued individually’ 

Your investment

One-time payment

Save $70 off this course, if paid in full upon enrolment.

Option #1

Over 3 easy payments

Enrol now and pay for your course over 3 easy payments.

Option #2

Find out more about your coach

  Dylan Martin   

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